Welcome to Cascade School of Music!

Our vision: To foster a Central Oregon culture that values lifelong involvement in music where all can actively participate. 

Our mission: The Cascade School of Music transforms lives and enriches our community by providing exceptional music education and experiences for all Central Oregonians. 


Learning music is a serious endeavor with important benefits. However, at Cascade School of Music we recognize that music education is most effective when it is social, engaging and FUN. We are committed to making music education fun for everyone to nurture life-long and well-rounded musicians. Learning music raises your I.Q. and builds character traits like dedication, patience and perseverance; these benefits are best achieved through fun and engaging programming. 

The Musician's Path is an innovative program that leads young musicians through various levels of music mastery consistent with their neurological and social development and ENGAGES them every step of the way until they become full fledged musicians. We recognize that the best guarantee that students will stick with music is to infuse music education with both joy and purpose. We do our very best to make learning fun and interesting for everyone; however we understand that students are best motivated by clear milestones and a progressive path. Our Musician's Path program is designed to engage students from early childhood through their teens!  

Most musicians will tell you that the best part of playing music is the opportunity to play with others.  Some of the greatest musical experiences are SOCIAL in nature - playing in a band, performing in a group concert, and making musical friends.  Our school is more than a school, we are a community. We teach, we jam, we share. It is the social aspect of our School that makes music come alive for our students, families and faculty.

Cascade School of Music is a 501(c)3 Organization. Our tuition covers only 60 percent of our annual expenses; the rest we must raise from foundations, corporations and generous community members like you. Each donation we get makes this School a little better ~ please donate today!  

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