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Tuition Assistance


Tuition Assistance at Cascade School of Music is an important part of our mission. Businesses, organizations, and individuals have donated funds to make this possible, and we are glad to offer it to you. We expect effort, regular attendance, and good behavior on the part of the student. We also may ask for up to 5 volunteer hours per family per semester.

Eligibility is based on family size and income. Tuition assistance awards range from 30% to 50% of the total tuition.

Awards are made on a first-come, first-served basis. Funds are limited.

If there are other circumstances affecting your ability to pay tuition, please let us know.

How to apply for Tuition Assistance: Please complete either the online application or the print application  and submit  to the school with income verification (current paystub or federal tax return) as soon as possible.  Please enclose the $25 family registration fee with this application; applications without payment will not be processed. 

Tuition Assistance for Kindermusik Programs We can offer up to a 30% discount for families enrolling in Kindermusik. We also ask that you be enrolled in our payment program.

Youth Classes First-time requests are granted based on financial need; continued assistance is based on student's effort and attendance. Your teacher's approval is required for continued assistance. We also ask that you be enrolled in our payment program. Families need to re-apply every year.

Youth Individual Lessons We can offer private lessons at a reduced rate  to families that qualify when funds are available. Significant evidence of intent is required. Please complete the Tuition Assistance form and submit along with proof of income. Awards are made for a specific duration, usually 6 months. Renewed awards require teacher approval and a completed "Dear Sponsor" letter.  

Tuition Assistance for Adult Classes Tuition assistance requests for adults are granted when there is sufficient enrollment in the class to ensure its viability. Often we cannot determine viability until just before the class is scheduled to begin. The office will contact you as soon as enrollment passes the threshold.  Please register and include the amount you can afford to pay; we'll give you a full refund if your request is not granted. Tuition assistance for adult individual lessons is not available at this time.

We will notify you via email the on status of your award.

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