Youth Instrumental Studies for Ages 7 -13

Cascade School of Music Youth Instrumental Studies Classes consist of small group instruction on the following instruments: piano, guitar, violin, cello and drums. Cascade School of Music also offers a String Orchestra program, which will return to Bear Creek Elementary School in 2018 - 2019, called the Awesome Afterschool Orchestra. The Awesome Afterschool Orchestra is open to students from all area schools. You may locate additional information about the Awesome Afterschool Orchestra program under the “Orchestra” tab, or by clicking here.

Research has documented that enrolling children in formal music study is most effective starting at about age seven. At this age, finger strength and dexterity are sufficiently developed to allow kids to be more successful. Basic reading skills have accustomed the eyes to moving from left to right across the page, and written practice instructions can be understood by the student. Depending on the extent of your child’s previous musical experience, most students age 7 - 13 fit well into our Beginning Instrumental Classes.

Our Beginning Instrumental Classes function best for students if class I and II are attended consecutively. Once a student has successfully completed class I and II, they are encouraged to start individual lessons with a private instructor. In some cases, students may choose to repeat a year of group instruction, or begin individual instruction early.  Your student's teacher will guide you in this decision. Our summer classes provide a good starting point to learning a new instrument before joining a 15-week class during our academic year.

Drum Classes:

2018-2019 Drum Class Schedule

Guitar Classes:

2018-2019 Guitar Class Schedule

Piano Classes:

2018-2019 Piano Class Schedule

Violin Classes:

2018-2019 Violin Class Schedule

Interested in Private Lessons? Visit our Private Lesson page and submit an online inquiry.

Tuition assistance is available for all classes and private lessons at Cascade School of Music. Click here for more information.

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